Kelly Metcalf, Leadership Development Programme Manager at Fujitsu UK and Ireland, discusses using 360 Degree Feedback to embed culture change and to enhance customer relationships.

Article in the Sunday times 01 October 2006

In late 2005, Track won a bid to support the Fujitsu Services’ Management Academy with 360 Degree Feedback for 2,500 of the company’s managers, in 10 languages, across the UK, Europe and Scandanavia.

Here are some highlights from that article:

  • Two other consultancies were involved: Oxygen Learning, a leadership and teamwork specialist, and Track Surveys, which specialises in the 360-degree feedback process used to assess managers.
  • Module two: Leadership. Addresses issues of leadership styles, looking at change, strengths and development opportunities, peer coaching and feedback, delegation and motivation, communication and feedback from the 360-degree appraisals.
  • Before tackling the second module, all the managers participate in 360 degree feedback. "The feedback from the tool was excellent, well done and managed outstandingly," said Hutchins. "Participants were brought together in a group that didn’t include immediate colleagues, so we were able to discuss issues arising from the feedback in a secure and safe environment.
  • "The feedback I received was useful and insightful and has led me to reassess and refresh my approach to people management. I look forward to doing the 360-degree feedback at the end of module three to see how much things have changed."
  • "The academy is a significant investment in development, but if you want to be the biggest player in the market, you need to act as one country, not separate country locations.

"To get this message out and chase the vision we need a reputation programme and a people-development programme to enable all employees to share a common language, management behaviours and attitude," he said.

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