Talent Map

skills and training needs analysis

In an environment where talent is a scarce and expensive commodity, managing, developing, motivating and keeping talented people are critical requirements. A company should put as much effort into developing its talented employees as it puts into recruiting them.

Track can work with you to create powerful performance through your Talent Management activities, including:

  • Online re-measurement and assessment of talented groups at all levels in the business, including graduate, people manager, leadership and senior management groups
  • Analysis of the results of the online measurement with breakdowns for different parts of the business, different employee groups and geographical regions
  • Working with business leaders to develop a strategy and action plan for Talent and Succession Management, with specific and measurable targets
  • Re-measurement on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Online systems to check on progress and results by individual, group and organisation
  • Allocation of people to projects and assignments that will benefit the organisation and motivate individuals