Empower 360 - Here's how it works

Create your own 360 Degree Feedback combination with Empower 360, and get the 360 that's exactly right for your organisation...

Design options Design your own 360

Use Empower Question Banks to design your own 360

Use our pre-designed 360 Questionnaires

We'll design your 360 for you
Delivery options Self-managed – Dashboard: Easy and straightforward
(you set up and deliver – we'll train and support you)

Self-managed – Console: Ideal if you want to do your own customisation and tweak the standard format (we'll show you how)

Fully-managed (we'll run everything for you)
Individual Reporting Individual 360 report – our standard design, easy to read and understand

Individual 360 report + Development Plan – great for working with managers and coaches

Comparative report – shows old and new 360 results together
Group Reporting Group 360 report – see how the whole group is doing

Group Comparative report – check on the group's progress since last time

Bespoke Group reports – report on the key capabilities for your group

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