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Increasing Lawyer Contribution With 360 Degree Feedback

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Drive your Firm's Performance at every level with empower 360 legal

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Developing People Sandra Watts,
Developing People

"Value for money, a tool that could be bespoked for the client, and easy to use. Automated for a very simple questionnaire. It was also important that the standard and quality of the report was better than what we could do ourselves."
"The end product was much more professional than we could do with a basic survey product and less prone to human error."
"Track responded brilliantly, they were always on the end of the phone and nothing was too much trouble."
Fujitsu Services Paula Graham,
Fujitsu UK and Ireland

"Track's 360 Degree Feedback has allowed us to run feedback for all the People Managers participating in the Fujitsu Management Academy, both before and after the programme, effectively and easily.
The size and scope of the FMA meant that it was critical that the 360 ran smoothly, with minimal intervention from us in Fujitsu, and with full support for participants and the ten thousand or so of their colleagues who have so far provided 360 Degree Feedback."
Developing People Jane Williams,
HR Manager,
Talbot Insurance
"The process for introducing the 360 degree appraisals went very smoothly with the assistance of Track - we worked together throughout the process looking at what Talbot required and what could be used 'off the shelf'. The actual online system was customised to Talbot and this went very smoothly."
"The overall process and experience with Track/Empower 360 has been very positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

What is empower 360 legal?

empower 360 legal from Track Surveys is a 360 Degree Feedback framework and online system developed for, and with, law firms. Law firm specific features include:
  • Key capability measures for legal professionals at every stage of their career
  • Multiple assessors can input their feedback
  • Law-related language and concepts
  • Anonymity and confidentiality are safeguarded

empower 360 legal is also customisable to suit your firm's exact needs, and is fully supported by 360 design, consulting, coaching, and training from our Expert Team.

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empower 360 legal is used by leading law firms in the UK and internationally. Please contact us for case studies and references.

How will empower 360 legal support your firm's People strategy?

'The best firms don't leave career development to chance. They carefully map the competencies and performance expectations for each career stage across a variety of dimensions'.
Maureen Broderick: The Art of Managing Professional Services

Career development, Partner appraisal, Succession planning, Talent management, Leadership development and Performance management - do you have the tools to define, measure and drive your firm's key people strategies?

empower 360 legal will support your people strategy by providing your firm with a robust, consistent measurement framework and toolkit for performance. All our online 360 tools are fully supported by 369 design, consulting, coaching, and training from our Expert Team.

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Contact us now on +44(0)208 360 4455 for more information, sample reports or to arrange an online demo of Empower 360.