What our clients are saying

At Track Empower, we love it when our clients have delivered their projects successfully, are able to see the results of their work and have made an impression on their stakeholders and customers. Here’s some feedback directly from some of those clients:

"Track's 360 Degree Feedback has allowed us to run feedback for all the People Managers participating in the Fujitsu Management Academy, both before and after the programme, effectively and easily.

The size and scope of the FMA meant that it was critical that the 360 ran smoothly, with minimal intervention from us in Fujitsu, and with full support for participants and the ten thousand or so of their colleagues who have so far provided 360 Degree Feedback.

(And how would you rate the service?)

"Excellent. I feel completely confident when Track take on a project as I know it will be done professionally and effectively throughout.

The Track Team is highly trained and the level of communication within their team means that Fujitsu personnel have the benefit of fast support".

Paula Graham, Fujitsu UK and Ireland

"Ease of use and the unbelievable feature to cost ratio, exceptionally good value..."

"When building a 360 feedback process, I typically know what competencies I want to assess, but the joker in the pack is always getting the technology to do what you want it to, thanks to the predefined templates and the high accessibility to support, this part of the 360 process proved to be a snap".

Harvey Seale, Nuffield Health

"The online tools are very easy to navigate, are intuitive and above all else, they do what they say on the buttons! Being able to access information quickly and to have clear instructional guidance has enabled our participants to execute tasks with ease".

Gary Ford, Plan International

"I feel that it's easy to describe to people how the system works, much easier than other 360 systems that I've worked with. It's also relatively easy to make minor adaptations to meet the requirements of specific clients e.g. email templates, logo onto reports, customised free text questions. I also feel that we have very strong and helpful technical support from Track’s support team, so I have great confidence that any problems can be resolved in a positive and client centric way. I also feel that you understand the demands made by clients in our sector and their occasional lack of IT sophistication!"

Liz Baltesz, Moller PSFG, Cambridge