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human capital measurement

Human Capital Measurement measures the capability and effectiveness of employees in delivering powerful business results.

Increasingly organisations are being asked to evaluate and prove the bottom-line business benefits of their People strategies. Investors are concerned about how well a business can attract, retain and motivate its key talented personnel, in particular where the business is reliant on people to deliver its goals.

Track can work with you to set up your Human Capital Measurement, using a suite of interconnected modules, including:

  • Collating basic activity data as absence and employee turnover
  • Putting together the data from other people related processes in the organisation, such as data from pay reviews, appraisals, 360 Degree Feedback, training needs analyses, job evaluation, training and recruitment
  • Communicating effectively and appropriately to managers about the data
  • Working with you to use the collated data to provide key management information and regular dashboards to monitor performance against targets

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