Empower Performance

Empower Performance

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5 Steps To Great Employee Performance Appraisal

The key elements to successful staff performance appraisal are:

  1. Clarity of objectives set, the standards to which they need to be achieved and the timeframe for achieving them: the appraisees are therefore clear about what's expected of them
  2. Consistency of measurement and assessment: appraisees believes the process is fair, understand how they are being appraised, and what the results of the appraisal are going to mean
  3. Managers or appraisers with good feedback and coaching skills who can encourage and support people and who can provide constructive feedback – and difficult messages - clearly and unambiguously: appraisees receive the appraisal messages and are able to start taking action on them
  4. Regular feedback in between formal appraisals: then appraisees don't feel like they've been pounced on without warning, especially if there are issues to be resolved
  5. A good internal process for highlighting any underperformance issues early on, and for supporting line managers in dealing with these effectively: appraisees feel supported and are more likely to remain engaged and make an effort to improve their performance


Liz Cottom,
HR Manager
International law firm, London
"Track and Empower 360 were fantastic, offering brilliant backup. They were very available and responsive, the system just worked like a dream, and I don't think there were any issues throughout the whole process."
Moller PSFG Cambridge Liz Baltesz,
Moller PSFG Cambridge

"… much easier than other 360 Degree Feedback systems that I've worked with. It's also relatively easy to make minor adaptations to meet the requirements of specific clients e.g. email templates, logo onto reports, customised free text questions."
Nuffield Health Harvey M Seale CIRM FLPI,
Group Information Risk Manager,
Group Clinical Directorate
"Ease of use and the unbelievable feature to cost ratio, exceptionally good value."

Empower Performance is an online performance appraisal tool that's been designed and developed by Track Surveys here in the UK over the past 12 years. We know that when looking for a performance appraisal system that works, it's important to have a system that is simple to set up and use, but that has the ability to deal with the 360 process from start to finish, including email generation, reminders, and reporting.

Empower Performance is a performance appraisal system that:

  • You can set up and run online
  • Includes goal setting, regular review meetings that are booked in to appraisees' and managers' calendars, and instant fast feedback from colleagues and customers
  • You can tailor to create perfectly bespoke for your organisation
  • Generates clear, easy to read reports
  • Gives you critical data and metrics for your talent, leadership and other people programmes
  • Minimises admin to give you more time to focus on quality performance and feedback discussions

Empower Performance will support appraisal for 5 people - or 500. You can easily scale up when you need to, and you only pay for what you use.

Empower Performance is fully supported by our UK support team, so it's way ahead of other performance appraisal systems in terms of professional service and value for money.