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Take it from me, Jo Ayoubi, I know what it's like running an SME. Keeping customers and finding new ones, dealing with suppliers, getting products out the door, finance, admin, health and safety….the list is endless.. And of course, managing employees.

But you, your managers and supervisors are just too busy to spend time managing the staff, and anyway it's better to let them just get on with their jobs, right?

WRONG! Your best employees can be the key to your company's success or failure. And what's more, poorly performing employees waste time, cost money and can seriously slow down the growth of your business.

So what's the quickest and easiest way to get a grip and accelerate employee performance and productivity...?

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It's so easy you're not going to believe this, but it's been proven in research over and over again. The quickest, fastest, easiest way to accelerate employee performance is to ...

  • Set clear goals
  • Monitor goals regularly
  • Give feedback all the time

That's the secret... obvious really. Except we don't do it because it seems too hard and we forget to do it because we're too busy.

What about that employee who's just not up to the job? You need to give him some goals to achieve in a specific period of time, and to make sure everything is documented and signed off, just in case it doesn't work out.

And as you company grows, you do need to have a clear and consistent way of measuring and recording everyone's performance, so that everyone feels fairly treated. And you have the information and data to make those important decisions about salaries, promotions, and bonuses...

Register here for a trial and for 3 months free use of Empower Performance

So here's my offer to you: if you haven't got a simple clear performance appraisal system in place in your company, start using Empower Performance now. It's online, easy and very affordable. I'm so convinced that, used the right way, Empower Performance will improve the productivity of your employees, that I'm willing to offer it to you for free for 3 months – right now. And if you don't see any improvements after 6 months, we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

And if you've already got a performance appraisal system that works but would work even better online, contact me to find out how easily and cost-effectively you can get this online, saving your employees lots of messing with paper forms, and saving you oodles of time in admin.

Register here for a trial and for 3 months free use of Empower Performance