Climate Check

What makes a great Employee Satisfaction Survey?

  1. A great employee survey should be designed with the organisation's culture and working practices in mind.
  2. Employee survey questions should include both heart and head – emotional and intellectual - aspects of satisfaction and engagement.
  3. The survey should be short and not take too long to complete.
  4. Give people a reason to complete the questionnaire – they can be motivated by competing with other groups (which group has the best completion rate), or co-operating to make their group look good, or even a reward for the group with the highest completion rate.
  5. Make sure people's concerns about confidentiality and anonymity are aired and answered; if these are not dealt with in advance, this can reduce the response rate and confidence in the survey results.
  6. Managers and team leaders are critical to the success of the survey; managers should be rewarded and acknowledged for encouraging their teams to complete.
  7. Be very clear what will happen to the survey data after the survey, how you will communicate the results, and how you will cut the data, e.g. if you are going to look at the data by location.
  8. Communicate the positive as well as the negative, but don't try to hide any unflattering results. Employees will appreciate honesty and transparency.

Climate Check is an online survey tool that's been designed and developed by Track Surveys here in the UK over the past 12 years. We know that when looking for a survey system that works, it's important to have a system that is simple to set up and use, but that has the ability to deal with the 360 process from start to finish, including email generation, reminders, and reporting.

Climate Check is a survey tool that:

  • You can set up and run online
  • You can tailor to create perfectly bespoke for your organisation
  • Generates clear, easy to read reports
  • Gives you critical data and metrics for any grouping you want
  • Minimises admin to give you more time to focus on actions from the feedback

CLIMATE CHECK will support staff surveys for 5 people - or 500. You can easily scale up when you need to, and you only pay for what you use. climate check is fully supported by our UK support team, so it's way ahead of other employee surveys in terms of professional service and value for money.