AsCent Online - cut your assessment & development costs by 75%, starting today!

With Ascent Online, you can...

Report on the right matrix of exercises and competencies you're looking for in your candidates

Get immediate results for each candidate - No waiting for observers to write up their notes or scores

Save significant administration time, effort and costs by up to 75%. Scores and notes are uploaded in real time and reports are created instantly

Professionalise your Centre administration and reporting. Fast and efficient, with branded individual and group reports

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A client's story

"We found the product to be very effective and efficient, providing PDFs at the click of a button. There is clear visibility of which assessments have been completed and which still need to be completed. It enabled us to get reports out very quickly to key decision makers, as soon as the Assessment Centre had finished.

We previously collated assessment centre data manually. Using AsCent, we saved about three quarters of a day's work (and cost) for each of the 70 candidates over a three week period of assessment centres.

This was critical for us because of internal resource issues.

The system provided us with:

Immediate professionalism
Efficiency and smooth admin
A bespoke, not off-the-shelf, solution for our candidates"

HR Director
UK Law Firm

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Ascent Online

The Ascent Online Toolkit is a secure, online system to help talent teams and professionals gather and report on Assessment and Development Centre results, quickly and efficiently.

The Ascent Online Toolkit has been designed and built by Track Surveys, here in the UK. It's a simple, easy to set up and run, web-based tool that allows assessors or administrators to:

  • Create matrices of Assessment and Development Centre activities, including exercises, interviews, role plays, simulations etc.
  • Create performance criteria, competencies and ratings, and allocate to each activity
  • Create customised online forms for each exercise and each candidate, to include ratings, observations and notes
  • Set up groups of candidates for each AC or DC
  • Input the assessor results online for each candidate
  • Generate an instant, real-time report for each candidate
  • Report by Assessment/Development Centre activity, and by competency

This toolkit can provide a massive boost to your productivity and efficiency during and after the AC or DC, by:

  • Collating all the results in one secure place
  • Automating the work of calculating scores, averages and ratings
  • Reporting on each candidate by activity and by competency
  • Candidate reports being immediately available as soon as the data has been input

From the client's point of view the AC or DC is a more effective and professional experience.

Here's how it works

The Ascent Online Toolkit

  • Provides secure access for AC and DC designers, with an easy to use interface for creating questionnaires
  • Provides secure access and easy uploads of AC and DC candidates into the system, and fast and easy input of the ratings and results
  • Generates reports on demand

Please ask us for more information and pricing options.

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